ICS Forms

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) have revised the principal ICS Forms that are currently being utilized. Below you will find the latest edition of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Booklet, FEMA 502-2, September 2010. The ICS Forms Booklet was developed to assist emergency response personnel in the use of ICS and corresponding documentation during incident operations.

These forms are intended for use as tools for the creation of Incident Action Plans (IAPs), for other incident management activities, and for support and documentation of ICS activities. Personnel using the forms should have a basic understanding of NIMS, including ICS, through training and/or experience to ensure they can effectively use and understand these forms. These ICS Forms represent an all-hazards approach and update to previously used ICS Forms. While the layout and specific blocks may have been updated, the functionality of the forms remains the same. It is recommended that all users familiarize themselves with the updated forms and instructions.

Please feel free to download and distribute according to your needs.

ICS Forms-2010 (PDF Workbook)

ICS Forms Workbook (Excel Workbook)

ICS Forms Word 2010 (MS Word)