Rescue Units and Equipment   

Heavy Rescue Truck #110
The heavy rescue truck is the primary truck to respond to wrecks, collapsed structures, confined space rescue's, and most major incidents.

Secondary Rescue Truck #111
The secondary rescue truck also responds to wrecks, collapsed structures, and confined space rescue's. However it is our primary truck for high angle rescue's.

USAR Truck #112
USAR Truck #112 is for specialized rescue needs not only in our county but state wide. Some of the specialty areas include Structure Collapse, Confined Space, and Trench Rescue. This unit can also be utilized as a crash truck for large vehicles and where large scale equipment is needed.

Rescue Truck #114
The rescue truck is used to pull boats and the water trailer, and for transportation of personnel as needed.

Rescue Suburban #115
The rescue suburban is used to pull our boat's and water trailer and is also used to transport our members to the scene of major incidents.

The ambulances are basic life support units capable of transporting patients when the county EMS trucks are busy on other calls, or when there is a major incident where there are to many patients for the EMS to transport.

Water Rescue Trailer
The water rescue trailer contains our inflatable rescue rafts and all the equipment needed to perform a water rescue.

Rescue Boats
The rescue boats are used for water rescue's on lakes and large bodies of water where there is easy access to the water.

ATV #1
The ATV is used for rough terrain rescues to help speed up the rescue process, and is also used in searchs and many other areas in the rescue service.

ATV/Command Trailer
The ATV/Command Trailer is used to transport our ATV teams equipment, and is also used in searchs and many other areas as a command post.

Issued Equipment
As a member of the rescue squad you are issued equipment for your protection and for notification of a medical call or accident.